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July 6, 2017


A Message from the Minister



Dear Members of the Nubian Book Club,

I extend greetings to you today and am delighted to welcome everyone to the Nubian Book Club’s summer session. Thank you for making these events possible and for contributing so much to the African/Caribbean community.

I commend the Club for its successes in promoting literature and the love of reading, and facilitating meaningful discussions that are inspired by social issues that impact members of the Black community. 

This Club plays an important role in providing a safe space for the voices of Black youth and families to be heard and encouraging positive change in their lives at home and abroad.

I encourage the young participants in your club to stay engaged and take advantage of the unique opportunities you provide, so they can become our leaders of tomorrow.

Best wishes to everyone for more exciting and productive summer sessions and continued growth in the community.


Michael Coteau

Minister of Children and Youth Services
Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism


This is your opportunity to participate in an amazing summer experience. On Thursday July 6th, 2017 the first  Nubian Book Club meeting for 2017  will take place at 30 Heathrow Court, Markham ON, L3R 3T8.

We look forward to your attendance at this great event.

When I went to my first Nubian Book Club meeting several years ago, I automatically felt a sense of belonging. 

There were many familiar faces in the room, some of whom I knew very well. But there were also a lot of folks I had never met in my life. Nonetheless, I always felt right at home. 

The Nubian Book Club offers a much-needed space for people in the black community to come together and discuss the issues that matter to us most, but also welcomes other groups to join and learn as well in a safe, inclusive environment.  

And although the primary focus of many book clubs are to simply read novels as a group, NBC members discuss and analyze each chapter of our readings, while also relating it to real-life situations we face everyday. On top of that, group leaders encourage other members to think critically about each scenario, in order to come up with solutions to these problems to make a change for the next generation. 

But aside from the wonderful academic and social lessons taught, NBC is a great space for networking, and connecting with people in a variety of industries like music, law, journalism, entertainment and so much more. This alone can make a world of difference for a young person, with an immense amount of talent and big dreams, who only needs to be given a chance to share their gifts with the world. 

I am proud to be a member of such an inspiring, inclusive and important book club. 

Kayla A. Greaves
Recipient of “Top 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada"

Donna CardozaFrancine Buchner


The Nubian Book Club has returned for another year and this summer the literature chosen is another by author Hill Harper: ‘Letters to a Young Sister, Define Your Destiny’.

Facilitator and teacher, Josh Cardoza, explained that choosing the sibling book to last year’s Letters to a Young Man was the natural choice, “Really, it’s about staying with a concept that kids felt good with the first time around.”


High school students, younger children with their parents, teachers, principals, and even superintendent Cecil Roach of the York Region District School Board, gathered in the backyard of Nubian Book Club founder, Donna Cardoza’s home last Thursday (July 8), and they began – Chapter One, “Empowerment 3.0.”

Read more: Nubian Book Club launches into summer

Yes, it’s Nubian Summer Book Club time again!

Join us and engage in reading, learning, and discussing what Dr. James and Dwayne have to say through poetry and prose. Hear words of wisdom from great mentors and enjoy food, friendship, swimming, and networking.

No purchase of books or pre-reading required.  Books will be provided at each Nubian Book Club session.  

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