Book club showcases youth literacy

It was another successful year for the Nubian Book Club that saw teenagers, in the black community of Markham, voluntarily gather in droves to discuss Harper Hill’s, “Letter to a Young Brother.”

They gathered in droves of 40, 80, 120 male and female high school aged students from the York Region and Toronto areas inside the home of Donna Cardoza, Nubian Book Club, program coordinator and parent. Cardoza said if the demand is there next summer, she will open her home once again, “we are thinking outside the box in an educational way.”

It was a relaxed atmosphere, no one was being judged on their level of literacy or public speaking. It was okay to just show up and just listen. Any attitudes were checked at the door and the young people showed the respect expected when being welcomed into a person’s home, explained Cardoza. Read Original Article Here

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