"Thank You"

This message is for my wonderful and generous "Village".

I have never before in my life been as moved and inspired by individual generosity as I have been this past summer. This second year of Nubian Book Club brought even more passion, more openness, and more inspiration than it has in the past. I can only dream that next year's club will continue this trend of growth.

I began this endeavor as a small gesture of opportunity. Thinking that providing a place for these students to meet might make a difference in some of their lives. With your help it has grown to something larger and more grand than anything I could have imagined or accomplished if working on my own. With the energies of all of us combined; working together toward a unified goal of "Inspire and BE inspired" I have found my own sense of fulfillment. I hope that you all as well have been inspired by what you have seen and been a part of this past summer. I have no doubt that the students in attendance were inspired by the dedication, professionalism, and generosity of time and spirit that they were shown meeting after meeting!

I was speaking with a friend the other day and we were discussing how there are certain things we do in our lives that are meant to feed our bodies, certain challenges that feed our minds, but perhaps most importantly there are some endeavours that feed our spirits and souls. This is what Nubian Book Club has done for me - and I humbly thank you for allowing me to get there!


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