Where Are They Now

Throughout my last few years in high school, the Nubian Book Club gave me a place to meet new people and have meaningful conversations. Since the sessions are held in the summer months, it gives students the opportunity to show their dedication to the club. Once I left Milliken for university, I was convinced that the book club would no longer target me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nubian book club gives us all the chance to meet success-oriented individuals and gain useful insight on the professional world.

I thought that the book club was more beneficial for high-school aged students but university and college students benefit just as much if not more. The guest speakers and visitors provided a showcase of talent and success stories that students of all ages can look up to and strive to be like. I look forward to this year’s summer book club.  


As an individual of South Asian descent, I remember my apprehension in joining a Book Club that focused on developing literacy in African Caribbean youth.  Looking back, that apprehension could not have been more misplaced.  Although the Nubian Book Club works to strengthen relationships within the African Caribbean community, I felt welcomed and appreciated. I gained invaluable insight into the culture, values and barriers faced by this remarkable group of people.  I particularly appreciated the range of age groups that this book club represents. 

As a final year University student, I was able to share some of my experiences with the youth of the group, while receiving advice about the next stages of my life from more senior members.

This July, I will be starting the next chapter of my life as a Resident Clinical Pharmacist at Toronto General Hospital.  The support and encouragement of the Nubian Book Club played a critical role in seeing me to this point.  I know as I move forward, the lessons and values enforced through book club will help me to show equality, empathy and care for each patient I work with.  If there could be a single lesson I have learnt from my work with the Nubian Book Club, it is that no matter your age or origin, there is a place for you in this community.

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